Urgent Booking紧急预订: 凡是预订日期至入住日期间隔小于10天的, 属于紧急预订. 紧急预订必须全额付款才能保证预订

Peak Booking 高峰预订: 凡是预订JUN, JUL, AUG, SEP四个月的预订, 必须全额付款才能保证预订

2 By RBC or CIBC bank branch: if you are in Canada - It is recommended 建议用银行账号支付

HOW: How to pay deposit to CWH by RBC or CIBC bank? Just go to any one of the RBC or CIBC bank branch

in your local city for the deposit. OR you may call RBC or CIBC bank for that.

(Note: In order to pay the deposit, you only need to know the payee's name AND he/she's account number)

如何给加西酒店支付押金呢? 去各个银行的柜台即可支付, 或者电话你的银行, 比如打电话到 RBC Canada (在你银行卡的背面)

(支付定金, 你只需要知道收款人的姓名以及其账号即可);

NOTE: Canadian Bank Accounts Information


RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Bank Account Information: (note: bank web: )

WHAT: Account Number: 7360 - 5292024 (note: 7360 is branch number)

WHO: SHENG QIAO ZHOU (SHENG QIAO is the first name or given name; ZHOU is the last name or surname)

WHERE: 650 West 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Z 2M9; Tel: 604 665 0100


1 By Email Transfer All Canadian banks now support Email Transfer, you only need to know the payee's email address

and set up a security password when you use E -transfer. VancouverHotel [at] ( [at] = @)

目前所有的加拿大银行都支持电子邮件转账, 你只需要知道收款人的邮件地址即可, 但转账是需要设置一个安全问题及密码

Canada West Hotel - WorldWide Deposit System

It is fast, simple and safe by Email, PayPal, Credit Cards or at RBC, CIBC Canadian Bank:

CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) Bank Account: (note: bank web: )

WHAT: Account Number: 00410 5896185 (note: 00410 is branch number)

WHO: JIN DE XING (JIN DE is the first name or given name; XING is the last name or surname)

WHERE: 4755 Kingsway , Burnaby, BC, Canada V5H 4W2; Tel: 604 665 1379


3. By PayPal HOW: You should have a PayPal account first. (Register at,

Then you can send money to CWH

(Note: In order to pay the deposit, you ONLY need to know the payee's email address)

如果选择用PayPal支付, 你需要有PayPal的账号, 可以到 去申请,

大概一周可以得到 (为了支付定金, 你只需要知道收款人的邮件地址即可)

WHO: VancouverHotel [at] ( [at] = @ )

(Note: Please select Currency as CAD = Canadian Dollars)

Note: There are no fees to send money to any PayPal account,

4. By Master Card, VISA Card 注意危险!

4.1 不要将你的信用卡号码以及过期日期通过email发给我们, 我们会通过电话向你索取, (基于信用卡个人信息的保护, 我们鼓励从加拿大银行支付, , 见上面2项 )

4.2 信用卡支付我们需要收取 2.9% 的额外服务费

To pay by Credit card, CWH need to know your card number, expiration date (MMYY) and the card holder name.

For securitreason, generally it is not recommended pay by credit card, unless you do not have an account with Canadian Banks or PayPal

如果选择信用卡支付, 我们需要知道你的信用卡号码和过期日期, 以及信用卡持有人的姓名 (但不需要背面的三位安全数字)

基于安全考虑, 不要将你的信用卡号码以及过期日期用邮件发给我们, 一般我们会通过电话向你索取



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