加西酒店 后勤工作 Logistics Work


Hotel Logistics 客房后勤: (工作编号HL01)

1, WHAREHOUSE: make sure every thing in order; clean wharehouse & kitchen area each week or when need; 确保所有物品有序有向; 每周或需要时清洁仓库和厨房.

2, CHECK: Check In & Check out Inspection: Check any room before customer check in & check out(lights, room, kitchenware, WC. etc.) - 检查任何即将入住以及离开的房间 (灯, 房间, 厨具, 卫生间等)

2.1 Open Door Check: open all doors and check: closet, cabinet, tool room, microwave, fridge, WC cabinet 打开所有的门检查-衣橱 壁橱 工具间 微波炉 冰箱 WC壁橱等

2.2 Goods prepare: make sure all kitchen goods, WC goods, etc. ready for use, 确保厨房物品, 卫生间物品等齐全, 必备房客使用

3, PATROL: room patrol: check empty room every day especially on check in date to make sure the hotel room OK, curtain closed, & building environment good, no gabage, no cigarettes buts

每天检查空的房间, 尤其客户入住当日, 保证酒店房间状态OK, 窗帘关闭 & 楼内外的环境清洁, 无乱丢垃圾 地上无烟头

4, Temporary room work: Get ready if any room unplanned or temporary used OR tenant outside on travel : 整理好非计划临时用过的房间, 或房客临时外出的房间的清洁

5, Temporary management work: Urgent customer receiption, check in intro, check out inspection when need 紧急情况 当需要时的客户接待 入住介绍 离开检查等

6, Facilities, Kitchenware & furniture management: Organise facilities, small furniture, electric supply (e.g. bulb, lights) management 管理客房设施, 厨房用具, 小家具, 电器(例如灯泡, 台灯)供应

7, Stay Over Week: Beddings change, room clean, add tissue: 客户入住一周以上: 床具更换, 卫生清洁, 添加卫纸

后勤中心思想: 1 房间 楼内外清洁 2 客房配备齐全, 设施功能正常, ready for check in. 3, 客房服务 Customer service

Maintenance Logistics 维护后勤: (工作编号ML01)

1, CHECK: Electric & Plumber & Internet & TV support & Furniture: 处理房客的电器, 水暖, 网络, 电视, 以及家具维修的技术支持

1.1 Electric list: Fridge, microwave, fuse, power outlet, stove & oven, lamps and lights. 电器名单: 微波炉 冰箱 保险 电源插头 电炉烤箱 台灯 灯具

1.2 Plumber list: kitchen tap water, WC bath & tap water; Heating & valve & switch 水暖名单: 厨房水龙头 WC水龙头, 浴池水; 暖气以及控制阀, 开关

2, REPAIR: Deal with minor repair for hotel service (electric, furniture, plumber, fridge, washing machine) 处理酒店服务中的小的维修(电器 家具 水暖 冰箱 洗衣机等)

3, Room Patrol: Check empty room once a week for furniture, facilities, water, electric, plumber etc, 每周一次检查房间内的家具, 设施, 水电等工作状态正常

4, Kitchenware Preparation: Check kitchenware quality & quantity, make sure it is ready for check in 检查厨具的质量和数量, 确保处于check in状态

5, Warehouse Electrics: Check the warehouse electrics (washing machine, dryer, iron, etc. every week make sure in working condition 每周检查仓库里的电器(洗衣机 吹风机 熨斗等)保证其状态正常

6, Networking support: Make sure the hotel networking are working all the time 保证酒店网络系统的工作正常

Note: Hotel Schedule: http://www.canadayouthhotel.com/in


维护后勤中心思想: 1 设施功能正常 2 需要修理则修


Note1: All these Lodistics work summary need to send to Hotel manager by email every weekend

Note2: BC Minimum wage is $10.25/h;