Easy Lodge FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. What are the advantages of staying with Vancouver Easy Lodge rather than a hotel?

A. We provide much more space at a much lower price. This includes a living room, dining room,

fully equipped kitchen and FREE furnitures like beds sofa, desk, chairs; FREE local phone;

FREE cable high speed internet; FREE back street parking, and FREE aiarport pickup.

We offer FREE aiarport pickup service for the customer who has booked Easy Lodge Apartment:details see: http://www.easylodge.net/pickup


Q2. How are the Easy Lodge apartments equipped? Is it good for a small family? big enough? Internet? TV? Phone?


Bedroom: IKEA solid wood queen size bed with beddings, linens and a big inwall wardrobe, side table and a lamp.

Kitchen: fridge, stove, microwave oven, coffee maker, toaster, basic pots & pans for simple cook, dining table, chairs, etc.

Living room: one sofabed or single bed, television, local phone, high speed internet cable or wireless. a balcony for each apartment.

Bathroom: supplied with towels, soap and tissues. (see picture 1 to picture 4)

Generally APT1=one bedroom apartment ( 45 sq meter = 500 sq ft.) is big enough for a small family, because it has one queen size bed in the room

and one single bed in the living room (see the picture below). Of course we can add one more single bed in the living room upon your request.

Internet, TV and local phone:

We offer FREE internet, TV and local phone service, But not for long term rental customer (like monthly rental plan - MRP tenant)

Below are the photos for apartment room, living room, kitchen and washroom in Metrotown, Burnaby, BC: (click on the picture, you'll see a big one)

EASY LODGE Hotel- fully furnished studio $59/day,$1499/m, Apt $79/day!!

Picture 1: Bedroom Picture 2: Living room Picture 3: Kitchen & Kitchenware Picture 4: Bathroom

(click on the picture you will see a big one)

Q3. What is the shortest length of stay in Easy Lodge I can reserve for? What is the longest period of time I can stay with you?

A. The minimum stay is 3 nights. You can stay as long as you like. (usually short term stay rates is higher than long term. You'll get 5~10% discount each week)

Q4. What is the difference between a staying at furnished apartment/suites (like EasyLodge) and a hotel?

Price is the biggest difference. A hotel room in Vancouver cannot be had for under $120 a night, Normally hotel price in Vancouver is between $130 to $450 per night.

whereas for a furnished rental several companies provide accommodations which average under $100 a night. For daily living the biggest difference is hotel rooms

do not have full kitchens including microwave, coffee pot and basic pots and pans, and most of hotel are not free for the local phone use.

Room divider, Apartment space, Lodging price, Furnished with kitchenware?

Room divider: Normally we have Room Divider for a big family, in this case, you may pay by only APT1 price

($79 ~ 99/day), but you have two rooms. (click on the picture in the left, you will see enlarge one, beside the phone,

it is the Room Divider, room wall is behind the telephone table, this is living room picture, bedroom picture see 1)

EasyLodge Lowrise Apartment: Normally daily rates will be single room = $79/day, One bedroom apartment

(APT1) = $79 ~ $99/day, two bedroom =$129/day; The lowest price at Easy Lodge apartment (lowrise) is: Single room

= $309/week, Studio/Bachelor = $561/w, One bdrm = $624/w, Two bedroom = $876/w. Generally it is good for private

travel (holiday stay, family travel, private visit, new immigrant relocation settlement, international student landing)

Easy Lodge Highrise Apartment: Normally daily rates will be one bedroom apartment (APT1-H) = $169/day,

two bedroom (APT2-H) = $189/day, Generally it is good for business travel (business vacation, commerical rental,

office move, company rent, business visit, etc.)

Laundry, Parking, Pets, Smoking, Housekeeping, Party?

Q5. Are there Laundry facilities at Easy Lodge Apartment? Parking lot available?

A. Yes, in building laundry facilities are available from 9 am to 8 pm. it is coin laundry with washer and dryer.

we offer free detergent upon request (see picture 5). Back street parking is FREE. basement parking is $3/day.

Q6. Is there housekeeping service for my apartment?

A. Not for daily (it is your duty to keep clean and tidy), However we may offer weekly housekeeping for free if you need.

cleaning tools are available for you. Sometimes (noon time) we may come in the apartment for safety check.

Q7. Are pets allowed? smoking? party? A. We do accept pets, but only for cat, a non-refundable pet deposit

of $200.00 applies. (small quiet, no bark dog may also ok for less than one yweek stay)

Smoking is not allowed in room, however you may do it at balcony of your apartment or out of the building.

small private party is ok. No public big party.

Picture 5: Laundry

Deposit, Reservation?

Q8. How may I pay for my reservation? I paid deposit, do I have to pay the rental again when I check in? Cancellation policy?

A. The best way is pay the deposit by PayPal or Canadian banks, We also accept personal cheques and cash in USD or CAD.

Yes, your reservation is only secured after the deposit paid: for reservation, see http://www.easylodge.net/reservation,

for deposit, see http://www.easylodge.net/deposit . For those who have (have not) fill out the Reservation Form but we didn't received the deposit,

We follow the procedure that First Come First Serve. That means we can NOT hold any reservation without deposit.

Deposit including damage deposit and key deposit (For Monthly Rental Plan, it is one month rental for the deposit)

Deposit is one month rental for a Monthly Rental Plan - MRP package

I paid deposit, do I have to pay the rental again when I check in? Yes, You will pay the rental (plus tax) when you check in.

Deposit will be returned to you when you check out. (with condition of no damage, apartment clean, no smoke smell and keys returned)

I got a promotion package from EasyLodge for 5 months for $1699/m, if I have to check out earlier, can I get me deposit $1699 back?

No, but you will get half deposit back ($850) if you check out earlier than the schedule you confirmed with EasyLodge.

It is promotion package, you need to check out based on the date scheduled.

I got a promotion from EasyLodge for $1024/2 week, if I have to check out earlier, do I have to still pay $1024 for two weeks?

No, you do not have pay the whole rental for two weeks, however, once you check in, you have to pay minimum charge for two days with regular rate.

Q9. Is it easy for find food court or easy for eating out?

A. Yes, second floor of Crystal Mall or first floor in Metrotown metropolis offer food court, usually $4.99 for one person or $7.99 for two.

Burnaby Crystal Mall: http://www.thecrystalmall.ca/en/index.htm About Metrotown Mall: http://www.metropolisatmetrotown.com/

Q10. Is it any bus or public transit near Easy Lodge Apartment?

A. Yes, Easy Lodge Metrotown is only 100 meters away from the biggest bus loop in Great Vancouver, and Metrotown skytrain station.

for more information, you may check: http://www.translink.ca/

Q11. Is it any shopping mall or parks near Easy Lodge Apartment?

A. Yes, Metropolis at Metrotown is the biggest shopping mall in BC, only 100 meters way from Easy Lodge Metrotown, Famous Central Park and Bonsor Park

are only 2 and 4 bocks away from Easy Lodge Metrotown location.




Q12. What time is move in (check in) or move out (check out)? What should I offer when I check in? What shoud I do when check out?

A. CHECK IN time is after 3 p.m to 3 am in the morning. CHECK OUT time is before 11:30 am, after 12:00 pm will be charged half a day price, after 6 pm

will be charged one day price. please call Customer Service if you need to make special arrangements Tel: 6O4 63O 69IO or email to EasyLodge.

Check in: You may offer any photo ID for check in registration.

Check out: Do I have to do the clean work when I check out?

YES, EasyLodge is DIY apartment hotel, you have to keep the apartment clean and tidy same as when you check in before, and no pets, no garbage,

no damage when you check out, otherwise some or full deposit will be charged based on the clean situation when you check out.

Q13. Do I have to sign a lease with a furnished rental or at EasyLodge Apartment?

A. No need. However, if you rental more than one month or if you need, we may sign a lease agreement with you

Q14. If I am staying for a long period, why don't I just rent a traditional unfurnished apartment and furnished it myself?

A. You can save money if your duration of stay is longer than a year and you furnish an apartment by yourself. If you are an extremely resourceful individual,

know the city well and have a car and driver licence this can work for you. However, for most people who come to a new city for a temporary stay, like

three weeks or two months, or even a couple of months, finding the time or resources to accomplish this task is quite a challenge. So, the furnished

apartment or suites is the best choice for short term stay (like one or three months) for travellers.

Q14.1 I am newcomer, I don't know how long I will stay in your furnished apartment, I will move to a long term rental apartment when I found it.

What is minimum duration stay in EasyLodge, Can I pay day by day?

Yes, you can pay the EasyLodge rental day by day, but you will pay high rates than week rental or month rental at EasyLodge, the minimum pay is three days

when you check in, , You can save some money when you pay for a longer time. A week notice in advance is required before you check out.

FAQ of LIS - Landed Immigrant Service 新移民登陆加拿大常见问题

(本页链接:http://www.canadayouthhotel.com/faq )


1, PR Card & SIN Card, 关于枫叶卡及工卡的接收

1.1 我是新移民, 在加拿大没有亲戚朋友, 是否可以用LIS 的地址来接收我的枫叶卡, 工卡等证件? 可以, 同时接收者将是客户自己.

1.2 我短登即回国, LIS如何将枫叶卡寄给我?LIS HOTEL 一般将委托短登的新移民带枫叶卡回国后, 在国内用EMS发给枫叶卡,工卡的接收者。

1.3 短登多长时间为宜? 一般移民局办理PR卡及SIN卡的时间为一个月(30天)左右. (一般是前半个月数据收集整理,后半个月制作分发),

所以建议短登者在加国居住的时间以一个月为宜, 至少应为半个月. (如果没有拿到枫叶卡就已经回国, 尤其在移民局办理枫叶卡

的数据整理阶段, 如果想与本人沟通或核实某些事宜而本人又未在加国, 同时移民局规定非本人又无权处理此事. 那么枫叶卡的办理

将可能被拖延或搁置, 再次返加时将需申请临时签证)

2, 关于新移民的短登问题(Short term landing)

2.1 我这次是短登, 主要需要办理哪些证件? 申请移民时填写的多伦多, 短登来温哥华是否可以?

办理证件:枫叶卡(PR Card), 工卡(SIN Card, 又称为社会保险卡), 银行卡,医疗保险卡等(如果近期将长期登陆)

不过, 加拿大移民局并不希望新移民短登,因此有时他们得知是短登时甚至不予办理枫叶卡的申请事宜

短登地点:无论你申请移民时填写的是多伦多还是渥太华, 短登去任何城市都可以, 基于温哥华距离中国最近,

多以短登来温哥华最划算, 一周即可办理完移民登陆事宜. 也可以安排温哥华的短期旅游等

2.2 什么是短登,长登? "短登":尤指新移民的短期登陆(比如办理移民加国的各种登陆手续等),由于登陆加国的VISA的有效期一般是一年,

而许多新移民在国内工作较忙, 难以脱身。因此在VISA到期之前不得不采取短期登陆的办法办理各种登陆手续(比如申请SIN卡,PR卡等),

后回国继续工作以及安排生活, 房产转移等有关问题。一般建议短登者在加国居住一个月左右为好(以便收到枫叶卡再回国),

更多新移民采取短登 以了解加国, 同时到各个城市游览参观,为以后长期登陆选择适合自己居住的城市作参考.

"长登":尤指新移民比较长时间的登陆(比如长于半年的登陆), 大部分新移民首先短登一次, 了解加国情况, 然后选择长登

2.3 短登之后我可以在中国住多长时间?最晚什么时候必须回到加国?根据加拿大移民局的规定, 新移民(即永久居民)登陆后必须

五年之内住满两年才能保持永久居民身份, 因此你回中国住的时间可以有近三年的时间(但不得接近或等于三年, 否则移民官有可能拒你入境)

返回加拿大时,持中国护照和枫叶卡(当然还有机票) 即可返回加拿大

我短登后回中国又住了三年零两个月,是否将不能回加拿大(被视为自动放弃移民身份)? 不一定, 如果你能说明因为某种客观情况

而不能在三年内返回加拿大,移民官可能也允许你进来. 反之, 如果移民官认为你的行为已经证明你不想来加拿大,比如, 即使你回国

住了两年零10个月移民官也可以拒你入境(当然,这种情况可以跟移民局打官司, 但耗日持久)

我短登后回中国又住了快四年了,估计按照PR卡的规定是不能回加拿大了,请问还有么有办法回加拿大? 按规定是不能回加拿大了,

但你的枫叶卡有效, LIS项目服务登陆移民多年,尚有一些可以变通的办法可以尝试,如果你想继续回到加拿大, 请尽快联系LIS项目。

2.4 我短登温哥华三周左右, 如何租房?或者住酒店?关于租房问题请看下面的6.1. 另, 因要长租的房一般不带家具(房客需自己带), 同时又要涉及

有关网络, 电话, 电视, 暖气, 电费等的开通事宜. 而住酒店的费用又比较高(一般一天在100到150加币), 同时如果住酒店,一般不提供免费的

高速上网, 又因没有炊具而不能自己做饭等. 有诸多不便. 所以对于工薪族的新移民, 短于一两个月的租房一般都选择家庭旅馆, 青年旅馆,

或移民接待站. 一来费用比较低(一般一天30到50加币), 二来又有免费的服务设施等(高速上网, 电话电视, 厨房炊具等), 同时诸多新移民

更可以相互帮助, 交流经验等

2.5 我短登一两周左右,如果移民局认为我登陆时间太短为由不给我办理枫叶卡怎么办? 近来总有新移民入关时被移民局问到在加拿大呆多久,

有的回答只呆一两周即回中国。然后移民官就没有给办理枫叶卡, 或是虽答应办理,但需要寄到移民服务中心,则短登的新移民必须委托朋友


希望有问题者及时咨询LIS项目:CanadaYouth@gmail.com 移民短登有问题? 尽快咨询LIS项目!

3, 关于新移民的长登租房问题 (Long term landing)

3.1 我要长登了, 何时登陆比较容易租到房子?由于加拿大的房屋是整月出租的, 同时房客如想退租需要提前一个月通知房东或公寓经理

(Manager), 以便Manager有一个月的时间寻找下一个房客. 基于这样一个游戏规则, 想长期租房的新移民不可能在登陆前租到房子. 尤其公寓,

Manager在见不到租客的条件下无法选择租客, 更无法签约, 所以一般长登的新移民首先选择家庭旅馆或移民接待站暂住几天以便

寻找适合自己的出租房屋. 至于登陆时间, 一般来讲在月中登陆(比如15号左右) 比较合适, 以免月底登陆时比较难找到合适的出租的公寓

3.2 我是否可以选择网上的有关房屋出租的广告直接联系进行承租作业?不建议, 网上的广告一般只适用于当地居民, 你如果不在加国,

你无法保证房东在你到来时(比如5月1日) 租给你, 如果有人在当地于5月1日前交了定金, 房东就租给了当地人, 因为如果你5月1日不来承租,

房东也无法找到你(所以房东一般不愿意承担这个风险而到5月1日时找不到房客进而损失一个月的房租). 除非房东在5月1日前实在找不到房客

才有可能在你到来时租给你, 但退一步讲,如果房东在5月1日前确实找不到房客, 有可能不是很好的房子, 同时租房一般要签几个月的合同,

届时你刚下飞机却又不满意房屋而又要被迫签几个月的合同, 将会损失更大而造成更多负面影响

3.3 要租房了, 是选择公寓(Apartment) 还是HOUSE?有什么区别?新移民租房的类型一般分为HOUSE 和APARTMENT(公寓)两种, 公寓类似国内的单元房,

而HOUSE 类似国内的别墅, 多和房东住在一起, 因多是木架结构, 隔音效果差, 而且需要和房东协调很多问题(比如水, 电, 气, 电话,

上网, 电视的费用分担问题甚至作息时间问题), 同时一些生活习惯可能受房东的限制. 所以新移民多数愿意承租APARTMENT, 一来隔音效果比较好

(高层的公寓最好, 因是钢筋混凝土结构, 矮层次之因木架结构), 二来没有房东的干扰, 房客进出自由(类似国内的单元房)

4, 我如果暂住在LIS HOTEL,LIS的房型有哪些?

LIS 房型具体介绍:(LIS 的房型有BED, SHA, BAT, APT1, APT2, APT3 等几种形式)

BED: 指一个床位,为青年旅馆(Hostel)式房间,两个或三个人公用一个房间. 适合单身,背包客,自助游者.

SHA: 为共用厨房, 卫生间的Share型, 在三室一厅内, 两户或三户公用厨房卫生间等, 适合人数较少的家庭

BAT: 套间, 自带卫生间-Bathroom,公用厨房,在两室或三室一厅内, 适合双人家庭或带子女的家庭等

APT1: 为自带厨房,卫生间, 独立出入的一室一厅, 适合带子女的家庭,或希望经常作饭的客户。

APT3: 为自带厨房,卫生间, 独立出入的三室一厅, 适合带子女的家庭,或希望经常作饭的客户。

LIS 的住宿价格与人数及地点有关, 与房型无关, (水, 电,气,上网等费用已经包括在内, 超过一月的长期住宿价格另议),

LIS 住宿价格可能随季节而略有变化,同时每一个城市价位也会有所不同, LIS 保持不另行通知的权利,同时LIS 有可能


5, 如果我住在LIS HOTEL, LIS提供什么设施? 我们自己需要带些什么?LIS的每一个房间是否有锁?是否提供厨具, 电话及24小时免费上网?

5.1, LIS HOTEL 室内:提供基本床上用品,如被子,被套, 床单(保证是换洗过的)等。LIS所有房间均提供自动锁 (房间加锁, 系加国租客保护条例所规定)

5.2, LIS HOTEL 厨房:提供锅, 碗, 刀, 筷, 微波炉等基本厨具,同时免费提供油盐酱醋等基本调料. 卫生间提供: 毛巾,香皂, 卫生纸, 洗衣粉等

5.3, LIS HOTEL 的厅里(living room)提供有线兼无线路由器(Wireless Router)。有线, 无线均可24小时宽带上网(免费)

5.4, LIS HOTEL 每一个HOTEL的厅内提供一部无线的固定电话(听筒可以拿到室内使用,不用时即充电), 和一台公用电脑

5.5, LIS 建议自己携带的物品有:贴身用品,牙具,毛巾,拖鞋, 无线网卡, 雨伞等

6, About LIS Program, 关于LIS项目:

LIS-Landed Immigrant Service 是一家提供移民, 留学, 旅游,车辆维护业务服务的机构,其承接的LIS移民服务项目包括

移民接待,旅游者短期逗留,新移民短登,长登服务等。目前在大温哥华地区的主要沿海城市Vancouver,Burnaby, Richmond,

Coquitlam 等均设有家庭旅馆接待服务站,是大温哥华地区最大的移民接待服务中心,同时在加拿大东部多伦多,渥太华,蒙特利尔,

西部卡尔加利,埃德蒙顿, 维多利亚等城市均设有合作服务中心。



7.1 MSN Messenger:可以通过上 Hotmail MSN 聊天对话的方式沟通信息, 了解情况. LIS MSN: CanadaYouthHotel [at]Hotmail.com

7.2 邮件:非常方便, LIS 会在24小时内回复(急件将在12小时内回复) 邮件地址([at]=@):CanadaYouthHotel [at] gmail.com

8, Deposit in China, 关于在中国预付LIS HOTEL的定金

8.1 我何时支付定金? 没有时间的规定,但是越早越好, 尤其在节假日期间, 支付了定金(RMB), LIS将保留预定直到客户到达日.

8.2 我的定金如何处理?定金用于房间的预定, LIS 将在旅客离开旅馆时予以退回.

8.3 不交定金是否可以预定房间? 可以预定,但LIS不保证, 因LIS的定金系统是对外开放的, LIS必须先保证支付定金的房间预定者


移民登陆有问题? 敬请垂询温哥华利斯登陆移民服务项目(Landed Immigrant Service - LIS Program)

温哥华利斯项目 - 移民登陆接待, 房屋出租咨询, 驾照考取培训, 温城旅游向导, 是您登陆加国落户安家, 加西短期住宿旅游的最佳选择!

Email : CanadaYouthHotel@Gmail.com http://www.CanadaYouthHotel.com