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Hotel Manager 酒店经理: 

1, Phone Call: receiving phone call from customer, Try to get order from customer 接电话 并取得订单
2, Emails: receiving and reply Easy Lodge emails within one hour or half day (use Windows Live Mail). 使用Windows Live Mail每小时检查邮件并回复
3, Schedule: Make Easy Lodge schedule and post it online in time when schedule updated. 有订单更新时及时更新网上的Schedule

4, SOP: Any other work related to Sales Order Processing & daily management  所有相关销售订单处理的事情

Note: Work time: approximately half hour a day, Average.    Position report to: Hotel Manager
15 days booking/month = basic; 20 days booking = good; 25 days booking = excellent

Hotel Supervisor 酒店主管

1, Check Housekeeping:

1.1 Clean & Tidy: make sure each apartment clean & tidy. especially each corner, cabinet inside 保证每套公寓清洁, 关键每个角落 包括壁橱内

1.2, Facilities work: make sure all facilities work (internet, TV, phone, lamp, kitchenware, etc.) 所有设施工作, 网络 电视  台灯 厨具等

1.3, Hotel stuff ready: make sure soap, shampoo. tissue, towels, beddings, cleaning stuff ready 消耗品供应: 香皂 香波 床具 清洁用品

1.4  Room ready ASAP: make sure the room be cleaned at the day customer check out 保证房间在客户离开的当天清洁出来

Refer to:

2, Pickup & Reception: 
2.1 Pickup: Customer pickup arrangement (pickup guy or taxi, see Supplier page) 客户接机安排 (接机服务人员或出租, 看供应商页)
Reception: (Check-in & Check-out) 接待 (入住和离开)
CHECK-IN intro: Internet, gabage collection, Laundry location, No smoking, No noise, No party, 入住介绍: 网络 垃圾收集 洗衣房 不能吸烟 不能噪音 不能聚会
CHECK-OUT: deposit $100 refund, receive keys. (Deposit may deducted if key lost of apartment too dirty)
2.3 Issue receipt: receive money, and record, keys issued, garbage location, internet password, no smoking, etc. 收款, 记录 发钥匙 垃圾倾倒处 网络密码 不能吸烟等

3, Apartment management & maintenance:
Check empty apartment status daily make sure ready for check in or viewing always 每日检查空的房间, 确保可以CHECK IN或看房
Make sure all facilities work and removal flyers when found: 保证所有设施可用, 清除广告报纸
3.2: Offer basic repair when customer need 当客户需要时提供简单的维修
3.3 Warehouse: manage warehouse, locker, record stuff issue out and come in 管理仓库 储藏间 记录物品的出入
3.4 Furniture move: manage furniture move between different apartment when need 当客户需要时, 安排不同公寓间的家具的移动

Note: Work time: approximately half hour a day average;     Position report to: Hotel Manager

Housekeeping 清洁员
1.1 清洁及时, 随时可住: 客户离开的当天必须垃圾倾倒,清洁完毕(最迟第二天)
1.2 干净光洁, 表面过水: 无论客户入住时间长短, 任何表面都要过水,电视, 地板, 窗台, 马桶, 浴池, 厨具
1.3 配置齐全, 安全有效: 上网电话电视, 水电气灯具等,设施配备齐全可用
1.4 摆放有向, 排列有序: 桌椅床具, 沙发电视都要有向, 厨具壁橱内部 排列有序
Housekeeping Inspector 清洁检查员:  

1, Clean & Tidy check: make sure each apartment clean & tidy based on Easy Lodge standard.

2, Facilities: make sure all facilities work (internet, phone, lamp, coffee pot and other electrics)

3, Rank: give housekeeping work a rank, and keep the record.

(Rank grade: A, B, C, D. A = Very good; B = good; C= OK; D = Not acceptable) 

Note: Position report to: Hotel Manager
Logistic 后勤:  

1, Office & Warehouse in order: Clean office & wharehouse each week or when need; every thing in order 每周清洁办公室和仓库或需要时. 所有物品有序有向 

2, Environment check: make sure the building environment good, no gabage, no cigarettes buts 保证楼内外的环境清洁, 无乱丢垃圾 地上无烟头

3, Temporary room work: Get ready if any room unplanned or temporary used : 整理好非计划临时用过的房间

4, Temporary management work: Urgent customer receiption, check in intro, check out inspection when need 紧急情况 当需要时的客户接待 入住介绍 离开检查等

Marketing Manager 市场经理:

1, Advertisement: make AD very often on famous web site,, kijiji, etc.

2, SWOT & 4P: make sure the Easy Lodge operation well, including promotion (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats; Product, Price, Place, Promotion)

3, Webmaster:  web site design, get good ranking in or

4, Sales support: hAny other work support to Sales department

Note: Work time: approximately one hour a day. Average; Position report to: Hotel Manager
Appear in first two pages of google: basic; in goole first page: good; on top of google first page: excellent


Finance & Accounting Manager 财务经理:
1, Invoice & Receipt: issue invoice or receipt when customer check in, keep record

2, Finance report: make monthly and seasonally finance report, including tax, balance sheet

3, Profit and cost: Analysis company cost and profit, Offer suggestion to operation

4, Tax report: Report to government tax report when need

Note: Work time: approximately 0.5 hour a day. Average; Position report to: Hotel Manager

Easy Lodge HR Department
2009 AUG 15
Apartments for service: 105, 116, 117, 120, 213